Math Garden

Presentation for Mathematics Resources. Each group has to design a layout for Math Garden. This is the result from my group:

Our math garden starts from station 1. There are colourful bricks that will be arranged and numbered from 1 to 10. The activity is students must steps on the odd number bricks and say the number loudly. If the students have difficulty in recognizing odd and even number, they can ask assistance from their friends or teacher. 
(Lecturer's comments: Why the number only until 10? Is the activity is only for standard 1 students? How to vary the question in order to make the activity suitable for students from others year.)

Station 2 is about decimal. Number line is painted on the wall. The students will be given question that need them to use the number line to answer the questions. 
(Lecturer's comments: AGAIN, it is limited number. Only 0.1 until 1.0. How about the students from year 4,5 or 6?)

Station 3 is about time. A clock face will be designed by using bricks to label the numbers. In the middle is sand. There is a stick for the students to sketch the clock's hand. 
Example of question: Please show me 5 o'clock.
(Lecturer'c comments: Good. Students from all year can do the activity depend on the question. Teachers must creative in designing the question.)

Section 4 is a round bricks table with round bricks chairs. On top of the table is a small fake plant without leaves ( I can't remember what they called it) to hang all the formulas. 
As example, 1kg = 1000g. The formulas will be printed on paper and laminated to prevent it from dirt and wet.
(Lecturer's comments: Good. The question can varies to suit various years of the students)

Last section is for topic space and shape. There is a small pond filled with floating shapes. The shapes are triangles, squares, rectangles and circles. All shapes are in different colours and sizes. There are also 5 magnetic fishing rods. The students will 'fishing' the shape according to the questions' need. Materials for the shapes can be plastics or polisterine that wrapped in plastics to avoid damages because of the water.
(Lecturer's comments: Mosquitoes breeding issues. It is better if the pond done by digging and not on top of the soil. Use concrete to make it stable and long lasting.)

This is one of the presentation I did for mathematics. Special thanks for my group members, Akmal, Asmat and Hawa for together designed the Math Garden. For the first time lecturer is happy with our presentation. Thank you and congratulation!

Footnotes: Sorry for all the grammatical error. I'm not very good in English. Semoga post kali ini lebih berunsur ilmiah.


Misz ZeEE_Z0nE said…
teringin nak tye.. hang ke buat nie?
wirdati said…
iye..saya yg buat ini...pelan tu bincang dalam group then present.
Misz ZeEE_Z0nE said…
ooo.. bgs le cm 2.. saya ni dh lupe bnde2 cm tue dh.. haha.. ni bakal cikgu ape ni? bm ke? ♥♥
wirdati said…
Adush! adakah hamba ini orang bahasa? Haha.. dulu ske ngata mr goh. skang bakal ikut jejak dia.. Cikgu math sygku zahira.. tp i still love BM.
Misz ZeEE_Z0nE said…
lor.. kan dikau sgt suke bahasa? heeee.. ingt kan jd cikgu bahasa.. leh geng dgn pn fatimah.. hikhik.. jd pengikut mr goh upenye.. ♥♥♥
wirdati said…
haha...daku memang mencintai bahasa tai daku rasa xleh gi la blaja bahasa. Hehe..dah lama x berkarya. dah tumpul. Aah..pengikut mr goh tapi xmau duk library ngadap komputer. haha..

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